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Enterprise performance that’s reliable, fast and affordable for a small office or hundreds.

Service from $20 mo. gives you the power to connect AND save. It provides the features of traditional residential phone service plus all of the latest features you need to be more productive.

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Whether you’re a basic user, a high tech gamer or a corporation looking for fast & reliable service NETEO has got you covered. By the way, we'll also treat everyone like an adult and be transparent and straight with you from day one – refreshing right?
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  • High Speed Service

    Cut the cord, stream whatever you need, when you need it, unlimited w/out buffering.

  • Reliable

    More than a marketing buzz word, it’s service you can depend on.

  • Low Latency

    The kind that VoIP, VPN, Video Chat & High Tech Gaming services, and the people using them are going to love.


  • Have used them for a couple years, everything’s been great until my little receiver got hit by lighting Sunday night. I sent them an email on Monday morning and they came out right away- they replaced and upgraded everything and were right back online.. That’s exceptional customer service
    Chris Cox
  • Excellent service and personalized customer care. Extremely professional and timely with questions or concerns. Our family could not be happier with Neteo in both product and customer service!!

    Michael Berry
  • We’ve had nothing but the BEST of service from this company. Prices are great, service/attention to customers is spot-on and the quality of what I’m getting is amazing. We’re in the middle of nowhere and have a wonderfully fast connection. The best!!!!

    Peter DeWolf
  • Oh my! What fast and reliable rural internet service. Customer service is top notch too! Thank you for all that you do!

    Joe Knolmayer
  • I had Neteo installed 2 months ago and, not to sound dramatic, it has changed our lives at home. Not only am I happy to drop CL but we get great service. I am now getting a 50Mb connection in the mountains and am so happy that I can use Amazon Video, Netflix.

    Adrian Cornish
  • It’s worlds better than century link in this area, both in internet speed, stability, and ping and WAAAAAYYYY better customer service.x.

    Sabrina Brown
  • One of the few companies that seems to understand the direct correlation between a subscribed product/service behaving as promised and “keeping the lights on.

    Luc Selman
  • Very pleased with Neteo and their service. Friendly and helpful staff that keeps their customers informed of upgrades or repairs that needed to be done. Great internet speeds, especially in the remote area where we live.

    Steve Koenig
  • Fast and reasonable and considerably better then the service that we got from Rise broadband. I believe they want to offer quality service unlike the other company. We actually receive the advertised speeds for our data plan which we had never gotten before with the old company, not even close.

    Paul Tams
  • Great service, fast internet speeds at a reasonable price!
    Rick Diehl

  • Neteo is providing internet service for our construction site in the Conifer area. We don’t get cell reception there so we are using our internet connection for wifi calling and occasional web browsing. So far, everyone we’ve spoken with at NETEO has been helpful and professional.

    Joanna Eastment
  • Great service and support!! Excellent business for our community!

    Jeremy Gallagher
  • Very good service; great to have in a remote location!

    Gregory Hill
  • Great high-speed service for “remote” locations in the foothills of Conifer!

    If you’re tired of so-called high speed (running at most to 0.75 Mbps) from the phone company or foothills services that just piggy-back their wiring, –Neteo is a fast, reliable option.

    Arnold Swanke
  • So much better than CenturyLink or satellite.

    Var Redo
  • Swapped to Neteo from CenturyLink – much better in all respects.

    Jonny Rotheram
  • We are totally satisfied with Neteo. The company is not only ten times more attentive, they actually want your business. We were on the internet with a speed of .3 to 1.3. Imagine being able to stream or surf without going down in the middle of the activity you are doing. It is Neteo all the way for us.

    James Fleisher
  • Customer service and support is incredible. Even if you have to leave a message they resolve any issue quickly and call you back to explain what the problem was and what they did to resolve it. That is practically unheard of. I would recommend Neteo to everyone..

    Kevin Andren
  • Definitely a 5 Star review. They are courteous and professional. Providing excellent service in an area where no one else seems to be able to. I am able to work from home now without any difficulties, can stream movies with NO buffering…. I can’t say enough about them. They are truly the BEST !!

    Thank You NETEO….you make living in the mountains easier !!!

    Elaine Kral
  • Great internet coverage! Staff is easy to work with, and very helpful! Will definitely recommend them!

    Steve Herman
  • Neteo has been a significant upgrade to our internet service. We live in the mountains west of denver at 9000 feet and no provider before neteo could give us consistent and reliable service. we were paying for 1.5 speed from centurylink and hardly ever received more than .8. Neto came in, told us what to expect and we have been very happy ever since. They are always available and proactively tell us when the system will be down for maintenance. we highly recommend this provider and bravo to their staff

    Steve Bernstein
  • I have been a happy customer since Neteo came to the mountains. Until then my max internet speed (Rise Broadband) was 3mbps, and since switching over to Neteo, I regularly get around 24mbps. Service is more consistent and Neteo’s follow-thru A+. I whole-heartedly recommend Neteo.

    Keith Horstman
  • We love Neteo! After years of hitting our cap after a couple weeks with satellite, we are thrilled to have quick internet speed and no slow downs. Neteo is a local company which means you don’t have to endure impersonal corporate customer service or a voice mail matrix. There are no contracts, the install fee was inexpensive and the monthly plans are very reasonable.

    Tam Lowry
  • These guys are the best. Very responsive and professional. This is the best wireless service we have had since moving into the Conifer area.

    David Cottrell
  • Great service, very responsive, and the best option for internet in the mountains!

    Deron Lawrence
  • Neteo is a God-send for those of us in the Conifer/Pine area. We have been struggling with totally inadequate internet service from Century Link for years, and Neteo has offered a real, fast, alternative. Moreover, their service seems to be more reliable than Century Link ever was. If you live up here, you have to give Neteo a try!

    Steph Beradini
  • Nice fastest flow over the rockies

    Mark Greco
  • This a fantastic company with first class internet service in the mountains off Richmond Hill Rd in Conifer! Customer service is excellent – Steve was very helpful in getting my wireless router working. I highly recommend Neteo to anyone that wants a fast and reliable internet provider.

    David Verlinde
  • We switched from CenturyLink to Neteo at our earliest opportunity and have not looked back. The customer service has been outstanding. I’ve received a response even on a Sunday to a minor issue with our service. My whole experience with Neteo has been completely positive.

    John Twigg
  • I moved out of Conifer in August and was only disappointed that they don’t service my new area. Great Service!

    Paul Sakry
  • I LOVE Neteo. Finally a decent internet service for the mountains that is not metered. Plus, great local customer service.

    Tessa Larson
  • Finally fast internet for the mountain communities! Drop whatever service you have if you can get Neteo. Fast Fast Fast. Consistently getting even better speeds than expected. Great ping times, no lagginess with HD video conferencing.

    Jason Vick
  • Great customer service and internet speeds! They enable “high-tech” in challenging mountain terrain.

    David Horstman
  • We’ve been living at 8700 feet for 27 years. Had dialup and then barely DSL with Centurylink. Neteo has been a breath of high speed fresh air. For a small company and maybe because they are a small company, their customer service is outstanding, always letting us know what’s up and when they’re working on the transmission sites. “Stream at last!…thank God we can stream at last”! 🙂

    Rich Lamb
  • We have lived in Conifer, CO at 9100 feet altitude for thirteen years, and until a few months ago our only option for an Internet service provider was HughesNet satellite. To make a long story short, we switched over to Neteo and we could not be more thrilled.

  • Had to suffer with Centurylink for the past 4 years, Neteo was finally able to provide me with an alternative solution. I get solid internet, and things are pretty stable. Had a few issues at the start, but it was more dumb luck than anything. They are easy to work with and stay on top of things.

    Mike LeComte
  • I love Neteo! I struggled with Century Link for way too long (slow speeds and frustrating customer service) and now I actually have high speed internet. Neteo’s customer service is the BEST! They are always right there if I have a question or need something. I live in Bailey–so a rural mountain area. I am very grateful for Neteo and their excellent service.

  • Amazing local internet company brought great speeds to my area where there was very few choices. Highly recommend.

    Charlie Alders
  • The Neteo team provides me with fast internet connection speeds and affordable pricing. The customer service has been great so far!

    Matthew McClellan
  • Just as the prophecy foretold, this Internet service provider came to save the people from the darkness that spread across the land, known as HughesNet.

    John Gier